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What is your hope for The Blueprint?

That we create a space that celebrates enhancing and refining what makes us who we are, instead of suppressing pieces of ourselves in the sake of being "more marketable." It's hard to put yourself into a character if you were taught to hide who you are.

Who do you do this for?

Young artists everywhere-- including a younger me. We were all young vulnerable artists at some point and I wish, as an actor, I had the support of an educational institution that celebrated who I was and didn't try to make me conform to or mold me into something that didn't feel honest or true to myself. 

What is one hope you have for

the future of our industry?

That BIPOC stories continue to be told, but that they are given the same support as other work being produced. Include us on your mainstages (not just the small secondary space in the back), support our projects financially, and support our artists emotionally. Much of the BIPOC work being produced right now involves opening up our traumas for consumption and if institutions want our trauma they should also respect the aftercare needed when tapping into that work that is to be consumed by mostly older white audiences.

Who are 3 BIPOC artists that inspire you and your work?

Salman Toor, Aleshea Harris, and Jiehae Park​

What advice do you have for emerging BIPOC artists?

Be true to yourself and the vision you have for your future. There is enough for everyone-- so be kind to one another. Hold on to the teachers and mentors who support and believe in you.

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Sinan Refik Zafar (he/him/his) is a New York based sound designer and composer. Broadway: What The Constitution Means to Me. Off-Broadway: MCC, NYTW, The Public, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Clubbed Thumb, The Movement Theatre Company. Regional: Kennedy Center, The Guthrie, Mark Taper Forum, A.R.T., Berkeley Rep, Woolly Mammoth, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Yale Rep, Playmakers Rep, TheatreSquared, and more. He holds an MFA from the Yale School of Drama and a BA in Drama with honors in sound design from the University of California, Irvine. Member of Wingspace Theatrical Design. sinanzafar.com