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pETEr ruiz

What is your hope for The Blueprint?

My hope for The Blueprint is that we creates spaces in which BIPOC artists can discover and hone their artistic identities in the fullness of who they are. 


Who do you do this for?

I do this for generations of BIPOC folks who dreamed of being in the arts but didn't see the path forward. I do this for upcoming generations who need possibility models. 

What is one hope you have for the future of our industry?

I hope for an industry in which all facets of BIPOC and Queer identities and cultures are celebrated and reflected in the work we do. 

Who are 3 BIPOC artists that inspire you and your work?

Rachel Lynett, Amrita Ramanan, Tommy Pico.

What advice do you have for emerging BIPOC artists?

The path forward lies in shining in the fullness and complexity of your identities. Never seek to simplify yourself for folks with narrow perceptions. Shatter the mold. 

Peter Ruiz (They/Them) is an actor, playwright, and dramaturg originally from Orlando but based in Chicago. They are a recent graduate of the M.F.A Acting program at Indiana University. Peter is currently freelancing as a teaching artist and dramaturg while writing multiple new plays. Recently their play Reaching For Infinity was a part of Occupy The Stage 22 with The National Women's Theatre Festival. Acting credits include Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Fortitude in Bonnets: How Ladies of Good Breeding Are Induced to Murder, and Elliot in Water By The Spoonful. They are passionate about collaborating with BIPOC and Gender Diverse Playwrights as well as revitalizing the works of BIPOC Playwrights of the past in efforts to decolonize and deconstruct notions of canon.

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