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Portrait by Elias Rios / @NeonFool

Christian bufford

What is your hope for The Blueprint?

My hope for The Blueprint is to establish an independent and authentic training ground and network for BIPOC artists to rediscover each other and their collective treasures. My hope is to build an institution that cultivates prosperity and trust amongst BIPOC artists in order to decolonize the American Theatre in perpetuity.


Who do you do this for?

I do this for our ancestors who paved the way for us and had no choice but to stifle their culture in order to survive and experience success. I do this for the current generation of emerging BIPOC artists who are now charged with being the stewards of this current cultural shift. And I do this for the future BIPOC artists who will navigate and cultivate the American Theatre without fear and with complete cultural agency.

What is one hope you have for the future of our industry?

Longevity and the continued investment in queer communities and communities of color.

Who are 3 BIPOC artists that inspire you and your work?

Bayard Rustin, James Baldwin and Janet Mock.

What advice do you have for emerging BIPOC artists?

Keep challenging the status quo. But do it with pride and joy.

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Christian Bufford (he/they) is a Chicago based multi-disciplinary artist who blends the lines of theatre, dance and film. Theatre credits include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, American Repertory Theatre, Lincoln Center, national tours and many more. Most recent producing credits include "The Straights" by T. Adamson at Jack Theatre in Brooklyn and the original dance series “The Amy Diaries”. As a playwright, Christian has written and developed a new play called "Franklin" which serves as a queer guide to black trauma. Christian is a graduate of the drama school at the University of NC School of the Arts and also holds a BFA from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

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